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The research group focuses on development of new methods for spatio-temporal data representation, manipulation and new data structures development using “meshless” approach in the fields of computer graphics and visualization and interpolation techniques.

The main goals of the project are:


Objects in computer graphics are usually defined as a surface model using a surface description, e.g. polygonal meshes, parametric patches etc., or as a volumetric model using computer solid geometry etc. Available hardware is optimized actually for triangular meshes. Recently a surface of time varying objects was represented by a triangular mesh with a constant connectivity. It enables to make effective data representation, compression, transmission, decompression and rendering of such models.

In the discrete case, volumetric models are mostly considered, like CT and MRI images, standard techniques like marching cubes or tetrahedra are used and data are represented in regular or adaptive structured meshes.

This project is targeted to exploitation of meshless (meshfree) representations, manipulation, compression/reduction and rendering issues especially for scattered spatio-temporal data. As the meshless techniques are easily scalable to higher dimensions and handle spatial scattered data, research will be targeting also to spatial-temporal data, where quite new methods can be expected and applied also in many engineering computations and GIS systems etc.

Applicability of results:

There are several fields, where reached results should find direct applicability, especially in:

Also some results (especially theoretical ones) are expected to contribute to other fields, e.g.:

Meshless Research team:

Vaclav Skala

Research supervisor

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Zuzana Majdišová

Development of data structures for large scattered datasets for meshfree methods
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Michal Šmolík

Meshfree methods for large spatio-temporal vector scattered data sets
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Maria Martynova

Development of scattered data meshfree approximations
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Martin Cervenka


  External members    

RongJiang Pan

Meshfree methods for scattered data

Shandong University, Jinan

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FORMER members

Ondřej Nedvěd

Interpolation and approximation meshfree methods for large scattered datasets

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Petr Vaněček

Meshfree methods for corrupted images reconstruction

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Jiří Zapletal

Meshfree methods for corrupted images reconstruction


Jan Dvorak Lukas Hruda

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