MeshFree Research Group at the University of West Bohemia

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ICCS 2023 - MeshFree Methods and Radial Basis Functions in Computational Sciences (read the TRACK details here)
Special track is to be held at
ICCS 2023: International Conference on Computational Science
(CORE conference classification "A")
Venue: xxx, xxxx, June xx-xx, 2023 - preliminary
Submission - deadlines: see the ICCS 2023 pages at 

PASSED events



Prof. Vaclav Skala
tel. (+420) 37-763-2473

c/o University of West Bohemia
Head of Computer Graphics and Visualization Center
Dept.of Computer Science & Engineering
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Univerzitni 8, Campus - Bory, CZ 306 14 Plzen, Czech Republic
CZ 306 14 Plzen, Czech Republic

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